Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Coconut Milk

I had recently picked up some Coconut Oil to cook with, perhaps mix essential oils with, etc.  However yesterday I purchased a small can of coconut milk with the thought of adding it to dads nutritional drinks for added fat and calories in addition to the Flax Seed oil. 

I was unprepared for the opening this morning as it was a solid!  I was unaware of the separation that takes place.  I learned that it will return to a fluid when heated much like the oil in solid form (similar to lard).

Well, unless I put the milk in coffee, yummy to me although I do NOT require any added fat and calories these days, I will have to reserve some for cooking with.

I did venture to put a small amount, almost a serving size, in the Magic Bullet (which truly is magic because it has yet to die), and mix it into one of his drinks.  Then I slyly poured the drink back into it's original bottle for consumption.  I'm sure he has no idea all the little tricks in adding things that I do...

To health!


  1. yeah, that magic bullet is the ticket I see! Amazing it has survived these past months!
    I hope you are keeping a journal of all the things he has ingested so he can read someday and be quite surprised? hahaaa

    1. OR...I can just print this blog into a book!