Friday, January 29, 2016

Sun Dried Burgers with Avocado Smear

Nurse Tiffany: "I am about to make a new recipe."
Patient Paw: "Oh Nooooooo." is one to feel after that??  I am NOT deterred!  I am going to make a new recipe that I found in a recent mailing and he is going to like it!

Once I got started he meandered  in and said..."might be good."

It is.

Upon sitting down to eat, he said, "Thank you,Tiffany, it was very different. Very tasty."

I served with a side of cottage cheese and flax seed oil mixed in like the Budwig protocol. He can eat it now but won't. I suppose now that he can choose what he can eat it is not as easy for me to decide for him. There are worse things 🤗

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Energy Balls

I can't believe that I haven't posted anything new since November! In some ways it feels like a lifetime ago.

Delbert continues to make strides in his health and is currently undergoing Lymphadema therapy. He goes twice weekly and post surgery progress is being made.  We have one more dental surgery at the end of this month and surely all of the soft food knowledge gathered will continue to be a help.

Doctoring up the Ensure drinks have been the best plan as of late to get nutrition into his body. He is free to eat anything he likes now and boy does he try! However all those hotdogs,cheeseburgers and supreme pizzas that he had missed do little to help with a full body recovery, maybe more mental than anything else 😉.

Having gone back to work instead of being Nurse Tiffany full time has put a damper on kitchen creativity, so I was excited to try a new recipe this evening. The dough is currently chilling and will be rolled into balls soon. I plan to roll a few without chocolate chips in them just for the old feller.  It makes me happy to contribute positively to his health. Weight loss continues to be an issue and a little fattening up is just what I like to do...with healthy fats, of course.

Happy New Year.  Happy because we're still here.