Friday, January 29, 2016

Sun Dried Burgers with Avocado Smear

Nurse Tiffany: "I am about to make a new recipe."
Patient Paw: "Oh Nooooooo." is one to feel after that??  I am NOT deterred!  I am going to make a new recipe that I found in a recent mailing and he is going to like it!

Once I got started he meandered  in and said..."might be good."

It is.

Upon sitting down to eat, he said, "Thank you,Tiffany, it was very different. Very tasty."

I served with a side of cottage cheese and flax seed oil mixed in like the Budwig protocol. He can eat it now but won't. I suppose now that he can choose what he can eat it is not as easy for me to decide for him. There are worse things 🤗

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