Monday, August 17, 2015

Chicken Pot Pie soup

So...trying to feed my hungry father with a soft food diet restriction takes some creativity!  The man has always had a healthy appetite and later in life has been acquiring his favorites.  Hungry for a chicken pot pie I picked one up prepared from our local Safeway deli. He was able to dig around in the top, and day 2 I wanted to revamp it....So I put a cup of whole milk in my Magic Bullet, reheated the original pot pie and put it in the Bullet.  After 10 seconds, I had a blend that not only could he eat, but also enjoy a chicken pot pie - ALL of it!
He is currently enjoying that and a side sandwich of ham salad (also Safeway deli prepared) on soft Italian bread with the crusts cut off.
Happy Mondaysuccessful lunch!

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