Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Humpday Lunch

Lunch on a Wednesday:
As we await visits from various healthcare professionals...I have steamed some fresh broccoli. In my opinion it is still too chewy for a soft food diet.  The fella was hankering for some good ole mac-n-cheese so while that is making on the stove I have come up with a plan...why not puree the broccoli with some cheesy mac-n-cheese and milk for a new soup??  Well, I did not end up going with the soup option because the mac-n-cheese turned out soft enough on its own, I did however mix in a bowl with pureed broccoli.
+ = an edible creation
He preferred the plain mac-n-cheese since it was soft enough...but I got him to eat some with the broccoli.  I will be happy, however,  to eat the new creation for my lunch! All served with a side of apple sauce...fruits and veggies are the way...

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