Monday, August 31, 2015

Sweet Corn

To celebrate the first day of radiation success (in under 15 minutes), we are having Sweet Corn Soup topped with lump crab meat!  The soup is silky and smooth and the crab on top adds some texture.  If you were to ask the soft food diet expert, aka my dad, he would say the crab is too much.  The soup alone is perfect however and will be served again...

Today at weigh in we learned that a 4 ounce gain was made.  I will take this as success because it was not a loss...though we will aim for more gain at next weeks weigh in!

Wishing you all a Happy Monday as we mark the 1 month to the day anniversary of surgery.  Boy am I looking forward to more and more milestones.


  1. Tell him to dink BOOST. It really works with the calories and vitamins. My sister was down to 80lbs and gained 5 lbs in a week drinking it twice a day in addition to her meals.

    1. We have every flavor made and even 3 a day isn't working...he is overburning fighting thus no weight gain. Hopefully things will even out for him soon...