Saturday, August 22, 2015

Weekend Crock Pot

Saturday begins the prep for a Sunday crock pot!  Dad is the master of venison stews and he is hoping to make one that he can enjoy...and I'm sure he will try!  Under the guise of him teaching me how, we will make it together.  The crock pot is out and so are our ingredients.  We will use 2 different cuts of venison donated by a friend, one is a roast and the other is a steak.  We will use 2 small zucchini, the last from our summer garden, peeled and chopped.  I am thinking that these will be a wise addition because they should get very soft.  Soft is of the utmost importance here...
Also, adding baby carrots and some cut up baking potatoes.  I peeled and dad cut...he says that I don't waste much and that Wendell would love me. All food is on hand so a trip to the store was not necessary.  Beef broth will be used to create the juice that is essential.  Happy weekend cooking to know what we will be having here in Damascus, MD!


  1. love it! can you put it in the bullet if all else fail?

  2. He is onto the Bullet...