Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Tonights meal consists of Cream of Mushroom soup, zapped for a bit in the Bullet with a hunk of soft bread that I found in Safeways bakery.  The bread is called Bolillo rolls and cost 1.99 for 6.  It doubled as the family dinner upstairs (Meatball subs...SHHHH, Dad doesn't know that) and then we had extras for him to dip in his soup.  A nice find.  The old fella is happy.  Prior to the soup and bread he had 2 Vienna sausages.  Talk about soft meat!  He says he is "eating like a hog and can't gain weight."  It is true that he is down 9 lbs from his pre-surgery weight.  We will be taking a special outing to GNC tomorrow in search of Muscle Milk (sure to be in the next post). Bon Apetit!

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