Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mass Gainer (GNC)

I like the sound of the product: Mass Gainer.  Because, after all, isn't that what I am trying to do?  I want my dad to gain weight, aka. mass and I found two products at GNC today to help with just that.  I never expected to become a member of that organization, but things change.  I compared Muscle Milk, Monster Milk and every other product in the store to the Ensure Plus that we already have.  Not much has higher calories, carbs and protein - with the exception of the
products that I did purchase.  The Mass Gainer Complex will be had in the morning....I opted for the double chocolate flavor and the Bulk 1340 (vanilla) will be in the evening.  We will start tonight and see at our next weigh in on Monday.  If we maintain, I will be happy with that!

UPDATE: after day 1 of this product I have learned that it is not realistic to even eat the serving size of these products...I am halving the recipe and even that is packing on the calories.  He is full.  He is complying.  He is a rock star.  The vanilla Bulk 1340 was made with whole milk and was very creamy after a round in the Bullet.  The scoop size is absurd!  Just heavy.  The double chocolate Mass Gainer is sweet, sweet, sweet and was mixed with water to make it more thin and therefore drinkable in the a.m.  Weigh in info to follow after just 5 days of product use!


  1. Excellent! I, too, am a member, you do not know until you step into that store; however saves big bucks I can tell you that! (on my reverse quest to get the big guy to lose a few pounds.........I am excited to see when the Bulk 1340 works its magic. I have no doubt. It will. Happiness awaits us............

  2. you can use 1/2 vanilla and 1/4 the double choc that cuts the sweetness yet keeps the calories...............

  3. True. I had not thought of combining...good thinking. Maybe tomorrow as I have already mixed up todays. Although I suppose I could still combine. I think I will!!!

  4. good! It will be acceptable to the little old feller, I am thinkin...... :)