Saturday, August 29, 2015


My dad has always been, and probably always will be, a meat and potatoes man.  I grew up this way as well with lots of fresh fruits and homegrown veggies on the side.  These days I barely touch meat and truly see no need for it - but why deprive the old fella in his later years?  Today I am thawing some venison burger to be made into Sloppy Joe's.  If I keep the meat fine enough I am hoping he can enjoy the taste over white bread.  I want his healing process to be a joy even if it only comes at mealtime.  It is a joy for me to have him home and be able to serve him.  I know he would do the same for me...


  1. I hope he loved it! How did you make the meat fine? Bullet?

    1. No, just kept at it in the skillet with the spatula...he did enjoy it, twice! Running out of new any?