Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Corn Pudding

IF anyone HAS to get cancer, I would wish that they would receive the kind of love and care that we have.  Before undergoing surgery we were given a cookbook by our nutritionist which I began to cook through while we awaited our approaching surgery date.   One of the recipes that was a hit then was corn pudding.  It is super easy with only a few ingredients.  Best of all it is pretty soft and fluffy...think souffl√©!
Dad is doing as well as can be expected, better even in some peoples opinion.  We are halfway through week 2 out of 6 weeks of radiation.  He seems to be tolerating his situation and still enjoying life everyday.  I wish that we were all as fortunate! 
UPDATED: Upon removal of the dish from the oven and a tasting by yours truly, I try to taste everything as though I too were on the soft food diet, I found the whole kernel still retained its shape and crunch.  Don't get me wrong, it is yummy, but I am hoping when he is ready to eat it the kernels will have softened a bit.  Otherwise I suppose swallowing a few corn kernels won't be the end of the world...


  1. Huh, I wonder how the corn retained texture? I am so pleased you try it all before he gets it! Sort of like when you tasted all the stuff you fed your kids, remember? Ah life goes full circle....:)

  2. It is a favorite dish of mine now and dad did pick at it. He has so many food choices, hard to hone in on just did soften a bit upon standing!

  3. I am sorry I can not think of things to fix!!! I only think of corn bread dipped in bean soup. Hey do you know what "mush" is? Ask Audie. Mother used to make it I hated it but everyone else liked it. I just remember it is "mushy" soft, and tasted icky. They used to eat pickled pigs feet too!!!! Ewwww.

    Ask him about the mush.