Thursday, September 10, 2015

Knish day!

Today was the day to stop in Historic Pikesville, MD for a knish on the way home.  We ordered 2 potato knishes and ate them in the car.  I packed yellow mustard and sodas in a cooler before we left home just in case he was game.  They were great and something different for dad to try.  He could eat the middle out as I suspected and decided that he likes his knish with mustard too.  We of course made friends with everyone in the store and got some challah bread and a few other goodies to go.  I am glad that he got to see another side of Baltimore County.

 Dad is still hanging in there and tomorrow we will be one week closer to moving on with our lives, at least from daily radiation treatments.  This week I was able to witness the famous ringing of the bell by someone who had completed their treatment.  I look forward to the day that dad can ring it and when no one was looking I inspected the bell more closely.  I wanted to make sure that it could handle a VERY, VERY good shake. 

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  1. ha ha ha Yes! A very good shake indeed! I love going new places with your Dad, the new friends we always make is too much fun! Glad he tasted something new!!!