Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sweet Tooth

I know that I have mentioned that Dad is a meat and potatoes man, but he also has a serious sweet tooth!  I was picking up some supplies today when at the end of the aisle these babies caught my eye...see the key word?  Soft!  I opened them up right when I got home for the first taste.  They are great and hold true to their word.  They remind me of the harder lemon cookies we used to have in the house when I was small.  We ALWAYS had something sweet in the house.  Anyway, even though we are doing the tube feeding, I want there to be a few tasty treats for nibbling on just for nibbling sake.  His throat will hopefully continue to permit eating some though finding anything that tastes good is becoming difficult!  He is bored with the pantry today...hoping tomorrow will provide inspiration!

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