Sunday, September 6, 2015

Matzo Ball Soup

Throughout my adulthood I have had a growing taste for Jewish cuisine.  I love it when Passover brings more things to my attention at the grocery store.  I am still determined to stop in Pikeville on the way home from treatment one day soon with dad to get a knish from one of the many delicatessens available. With the soft insides I think he could enjoy one.  I must have mine with a bit of yellow mustard.
Thus the Matzo ball soup...I am planning to make it for dinner tonight.  Dad has been doing a great job of snacking/fixing food for himself throughout the weekend, but I would like to cook for everyone tonight as we are all here on this Sunday evening.  I have wanting to make this dish and have had the ingredients for sometime.  There is no time like the present...

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