Friday, September 25, 2015

OMG New Flavor!

So, apparently I am becoming all too excited about things like: new Ensure flavors.  I found myself in the aisle where they keep such things, an aisle I frequent and which I am the only 30 year old in sight.  I verbally got excited about the new flavor selection causing quite a stir with the elders:)  Butter Pecan and Coffee Latte sound better to me than the usual Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry.  I must confess that the Strawberry flavor when trapped in the car with it makes me nauseous!

Today we completed week 4 - 2 more to go.  The sores in the mouth and throat are present, but Dad is a trooper.  He is currently fighting off a second infection in the mouth and we start new medication for that tomorrow.  He had a nice talking to today by someone other than myself to persuade him to listen to me and get more nutrition in his body.  Hoping these new flavors will least purchasing them helped me.

Happy Trails!

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