Sunday, September 27, 2015


A good friend suggested the use of probiotics as a way to continue to enhance Dads health at this time, especially with the start of
the new bacteria killing medication.  The medication should target the thrush in his mouth and will last for 10 days - hopefully one round will do it!  Well, with all of the "required" Ensure drinkings per day, I hate to add another yogurt based drink that toots the probiotic label and plan to get some into him the old fashioned way...with a spoon.  We are already on the right track with cottage cheese which has lactic acid built we will try the miso which I had picked up last week at good old Roots Market.  From the above link I will be checking to see what, if anything else, I can add.  Jamie Lee Curtis may get me to buy some Activia afterall...

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