Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lunch date

After radiation today we went back to Pikesville in hopes of getting some more goods from the Knish Shop.  Finding them closed, we went to a diner that I had hoped to show Dad one day.  It has Elvis statues and various other performers that make it a cool place.  The food is pretty good too.  The staff was super friendly and we were the only customers at 11am.  Dad had their freshly made split pea soup and I had their cream of crab.  We ordered chicken noodle to go and they even picked out all the large pieces  for us.  Needless to say we got to know the people there and they us.  There were encouraging stories told about brain surgery, throat cancer, temporary feeding tubes and the like.  ALL had happy endings as they assured us that ours would be.  Nice place.  It was even nicer to be on a date with my dad like old times.  He picked up the tab as usual:)
We are in the midst of week 3 and there are some things happening that could be called side effects.  Mostly taste and inside of the mouth and throat related.  Hoping for minimal discomfort for him, I wish that I could do more.  I will just keep on doing what I can.

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  1. Just keep on keeping on................. all will be well. Happy to hear about the new diner experience.