Friday, September 4, 2015

Peanut Butter straight from the jar...

No, I am not that desperate for peanut butter straight from the jar to be dads next meal though I found that was just what he was having as a side during his lunch this afternoon.  I was pleased to see it because 1. it is an excellent choice and 2. I know he is trying to take some responsibility for his care.  He sees me trying so hard daily to entice his palate and get as much nutrition in him as possible, so much so, that today he said he would support me if I went on strike!  I thought that was a cute sentiment, but I am far from being ready to "throw in the towel."  Today we finished week 1 of treatment and are looking forward to a nice weekend.  Dad's big plan is to fry up 2 lbs of bacon and suck on it!  Everybody has dreams.

I won't be planning any major cooking this weekend as his fridge is currently full of the leftovers from this weeks attempts.  His favorite so far was last nights tuna casserole.  He said it was a "keeper." 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday as we gear up for week 2...if I don't post in the next couple of days, just know he always has bacon grease and an Ensure to wash it down with!


  1. oh I love it! I know he feels sorry for nurse Tiffany, as he calls you! I am comforted by the bacon grease and Ensure. All will be well. (suck on the bacon! hahaaaaa!!!)

    1. I had a feeling you would like this the store this afternoon I found a few other items for the old feller: rice pudding (he has already eaten one cup), corn cake (so soft), and I mixed him up some strawberry jello as he already finished off the lime during his middle of the night raids! So many other items as well. He may be eating better than he has in his whole life! I wish that could fix everything...thanks for being a faithful reader!

  2. You are wonderful! Audie is very lucky. God bless both of you.

  3. oh, corn cake is that corn bread? That would be soft better yet dipped in bean soup broth! yum! ?